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Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

To Dennis Kahn and to other members of SA Sig,

This is a long shot...........but who knows?

Ludwig BERGMAN(n) [born 1835, in Germany, and died in
Germany] was married to Rosa ROSENFELS (1851-1893 -
died in S. Africa)] certainly had a 'winkel' in
Rouxville (OFS).
They had no children.

I wonder if Ludwig had any shop as you describe in
Heidelberg (E. Transvaal )???????

I'd be very interested to know what you find out in
answer to your question,Dennis.

Adam Yamey, London, UK <>
--- Kahn <> wrote:

Members of my family resided in Heidelberg, Eastern
Transvaal at the end of
the 19th century.
Three Gochin brothers adopted Bergman as their
surname when Joseph and Jacob
rented a general dealer's business, trading as
'Bergman se Winkel/Bergman's
Shop'. This was about 1896.

Can this be confirmed >from the research being done
on country communities or
other sources?

Thanks in advance,
Dennis Kahn

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