Simmons and Isaacs family #southafrica

Jane Moulding

Dear South African Genners

I thought it best to send two separate requests for help to avoid confusion.

I have tried to locate members of my Simmons family through JGFF but
although I have had responses >from some lovely people none of them are my
Simmons. I have located an elderly gentleman in Jo'burg who is my second
cousin but unless I phone him I don't get any response to my queries. Quite
understandable as I appreciate that not everyone shares my interest in

I am looking for any children or grandchildren of Leo Simmons and his wife
Ettie (maiden name unknown). Leo died in Port Elizabeth on 29 July 1991 and
Ettie on 28 November 1989. Leo had a brother called Morris Sydney and a
sister called Clara as well as Mark Michael mentioned below.

I am also looking for offspring of Mark Michael Simmons and his wife Esther
(surname unknown). Mark Michael died on 12 December 1975 also in Port
Elizabeth. I wonder whether Esther is Ettie (the wife of Leo above) who
married him after his brother, Mark Michael, died.

The other Simmons family members I am looking for may well have left South
Africa some time ago. They are David Henry Simmons, Gus Ellis Simmons and
Dorothy Isaacs (nee Simmons) who had a daughter called Margaret.

These Simmons are the nieces and nephews of my grandmother Julia Rubinstein
whose headstone photograph I requested in an earlier post.

Once again, any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK

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