1820 Settlers #southafrica

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

I have been doing a cursory investigation of Jews who may have been part of
the 1820 Settlers group to South Africa.

There were a number who attempted to be accepted by the government for
settlement at the Cape of Good Hope and failed and there were those who

A wonderful site for checking out this fascinating part of early South
African Jewish history can be found at the 1820 Settlers site:


Amongst the things to be found on this site is a collection of
correspondance relating to the settlers which is housed at the National
Archives at Kew.

One such is for Samuel Cohan, a master fisherman, >from Shadwell, England.
The letters include not only his petition to the government asking for
permission to settle, but also an anonymous note stating that he was a Jew
as well as a smuggler and con artist.

In addition, there is a list of others who wanted to join in his party and a
number of them have Jewish names such as Moses Levy, Marcus Abraham, Moses
Moses, Aaron Hendriks and Solomon Samuel, and have their ages, addresses and
occupations as well as family members.

It appears that Samuel Cohan was turned down for settlement as well as the
others in his party with the exception of a Mr. Robinson.

Another possible prospective Jewish settler, Dr. Daniel Baruk, was turned
down too, but his son Ralph Baruk was able to be accepted.

It is a chapter of history worth looking at.

Ann Rabinowitz

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