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Jane Moulding

Hi Jules

Thanks for the useful cemetery information. I hope he was buried in Brixton
but doubt it now as I believe he lost all his money in the depression. I
have just heard >from another responder that Braamfontein is now a bit of a
no-go area due to muggings, murders etc so I may have to do without a photo
if that's where he turns out to be buried.

Thanks again for your help.


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Jane - Hi !
West Park Cemetery - the current Jewish cemetery was opened approx 1942.
1936 should be Braamfontein, unless he was buried in Brixton in which were
buried then only people who had bought plots previously.

Jules Feldman,

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Dear South African Genners

I wonder whether there is a kind person in Jo'burg who would be willing
photograph my grandmother's headstone in West Park I Cemetery. Her name
Julia Rubinstein and she is buried in Plot B 1012. She died on 9th
1955, aged 87. I have had no luck in tracing where my grandfather, Max
Rubinstein, is buried. He died on 6th September either 1935 or 1936 at
First Avenue, Lower Houghton but I can find no record of his burial. I
assume though that he was probably buried in the same cemetery.

Any help that you can give would be much appreciated.

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK

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