A Railway Joke from Austria-Moravia #austria-czech

robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

Dear Friends -

I know that jokes are generally considered off-topic for the List, but I
hope I will be indulged, as this one has a family connection. And after all,
Purim is coming up shortly, so you can consider this as being a Purim spiel

It was told to me by an uncle in Vienna, who travelled a great deal on
business around central/eastern europe. He probably got it >from his father,
and it's obviously of pre-WW1 vintage.

Actually, it's almost impossible to write this joke down, as it depends on
different accents/pronounciations, and it's impossible to understand unless
you speak German and Yiddish and know some pre-WW1 European geography.

But as I heard it, it goes something like this:

A Jew, not long arrived >from the shtetl, goes to the train station in Vienna
and asks the ticket clerk (in broken German with a strong Yiddish accent)

"Laibach willuch - I want to go to Laibach" (Laibach was then Austrian, now
it's Ljubliana in Slovenia)

The clerk doesn't understand his accent and thinks he might want to buy a
ticket to Villach (in Carinthia, near the Italian border)

So he asks "Laibach oder Villach?"

The Jew is confused and retorts:

Willuch Villach, willuch Villach, willuch Laibach, willuch Laibach. Laibach

Has anyone heard this before?

Apologies if you don't get it. But I did try. Gut Yomtov.

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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