Boer War , Jews in the Commander in Chief's bodyguard #southafrica

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These are extracts >from National Archives Ref WO 126/31 for the Boer War
service records for selected names starting between A and BO for the
COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF’S BODY GUARD. There were a variety of standard forms
and also many sections of the forms were not completed. As a result the
details included vary. Thanks to Rowena Wat who compiled the complete
list. This is an extract of the ‘Jewish’ Names’

Please note these records are in the National archives, Kew and refer to
the British army!

Enlisted: Green Point 25 Jun 1901
Reg. no. 33640
Age: 21, Nationality: Russian, Trade: Waiter
Friend: Mrs Krietz, 9 Chilcolm St, Cape Town, CC

Reg. no. 35476
Enlisted: Johannesburg 21 Jul 1901
Age: 21, Nationality: Naturalised B’ Subject, Trade: Storeman
Mother: Mrs Abelheim, c/o H Xaiem, No. 9 Lelkon St, Cape Town
Discharged 29 Jul 1901

Reg. no. 22276
Enlisted: Maitland 19 Nov 1900
Rank: Trooper
Discharged as time expired 22 May 1901 after 185 days service
Character: Very Good
Address after discharge: Broad Road, Wynberg, Cape Colony

Benjamin BASH
Age: 36, Height: 5 ft 6, Chest: 37
Hair: Dark, Eyes: Blue, Complexion: Sallow
Scar on chin
Religion: Jewish, Birthplace: Plymouth E
Trade: Broker & Auctioneer
Previous service: No
Address: P O 348, Bulawayo
Next of kin: Alfred Bash, 348 Bulawayo
Enlisted: Bulawayo 1 Nov 1900

Reg. no. 22348
Age: 28, Nationality: Cape Colonial, Trade: Waiter
Enlisted: 26 Nov 1900
Father: Mr A Bloomfield, Deep River, Cape Town

Charles COHN
Reg. no. 22417
Age: 30, Height: 5 ft 6, Chest: 36
Hair: Dark, Eyes: Blue, Complexion: Dark
Religion: Jewish, Born: Germany, Trade: Cab owner
Previous service: SRV, Address: Rhodes St, Bulawayo
Next of kin: Henry Cohn, Box 4262, Johannesburg
Enlisted: Bulawayo 30 Oct 1900

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