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Saul Issroff <saul@...>

The TELFED (SA Zionist Federation in Israel) online site <see> describes how the The
Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew University has
completed a major upgrade and expansion of its “virtual cinema” project

There are many films of South African interest, and of the South African
community in Israel. The Jacob Gitlin Library in Cape Town sent the
Archive all its betamax cassettes now the Archive has transferred these
to a digital format and they are on its new virtual cinema site. This
includes films about South Africans in Efrat (1981), Manof, the building
of Kochav Yair (1980). Blue and White Springboks (1980s) depicts the
contribution ex South Africans have made to Israeli sport, Aliyah and
the Health Professions (1988), deals with South Africans in the health
professions. There are also a few films promoting South African aliyah
in the 1980s.

Mirror of the Past (c1970) documents the history of South African Jews
and includes rare footage of the shtetl in Ponevez, Lithuania. The Torch
Rekindled (1953) highlights the participation of South African athletes
in the 4th Maccabi Games.

South African Norman Lourie was an important documentary film maker in
Israel in the 1940s and 1950s. There are 11 of his movies available
online. including one that documents the Jewish Brigade in Europe
towards the end of World War II.

Contact details are given on the website.

Saul Isroff

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