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Chag Sameach

Regarding Adrian Freedman's request, why should all records prior to a
certain date be "buried by the Chevra Kadisha"?
Each Chevra Kadisha has maintained its records over the years, some
jealously guarding that information, and the information available >from the
UCT site is constantly being revised as further information is processed.

All the tombstones in the major centres are able to be visited, albeit the
very old cemeteries may be locked and permission is required for access to
those. However, Adrian Freedman's cutoff date of 1960 is not long ago in
terms of the age of some of the tombstones in South Africa, and I am sure
that he may be helped in his quest, provided that what he is looking for
is on the tombstones.

Should you require any information, I have a comprehensive database of
tombstones which is also regularly updated as and when further information
is obtained.

Kindly let me know which info who you are searching for and I will try and
assist. Please do not simply say " BLUM SCHMULIAN DWOLATZKY FREEDMAN
Zagare Dublin Orange Free State Natal", as this is just too vague a request.


Stan Hart

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Subject: Tombstones
From: "Adrian Freedman" <attie.f@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 13:09:51 +0200

Chag sameach
I am trying to get family details off tombstones in South Africa,
and was informed that all records prior to 1960 have been buried by
the Hevra Kadisha. I presume that this has been preserved somewhere
(although before days of computers)
If this is the information obtainable >from the Jewish Gen or fron the
UCT site there is sadly a lot of information unavailable >from these
Is this information correct ?
Adrian Freedman
Raanana Israel

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