Re: Missing Historical Item #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The inquiry seems to be a wild goose chase since no specific information is
provided and the death occurred in the 1920's.

Probably the person representing the deceased's estate contacted the family
for instructions on what to do with the property which had been willed to

I am assuming that when the family refused to collect anything that the
property was disposed of as is usually the case. The family could have
asked for the book to be sent to them by mail, but it seems that they did
not do that.

The book in question would probably have been sold or something similar and
is untraceable at this point, especially since no family name is known.

If specific information were available, I would have suggested looking for
the deceased's estate (will) record in the SA National Archives. Then, if
it were available, getting a copy to see what property was mentioned.

My great uncle's estate mentioned specific things including a gold watch,
amounts of coinage, etc., and who they were to go to.

Also, Dr. Gold can always look for the records of his known family who lived
in SA and died during the 1920's if he has that information in both the SA
National Archives and the RootsWeb sites.

Ann Rabinowitz

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