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Alexander Friedlander

I am not sure about a book, but a documentary film came out (is about to come
out?) about the Ochberg Orphans.

I have seen a cut of it (Isaac was my great-uncle), but I do not know whether the
final version is generally available yet. I am sure that it will make its way to
SA once it is released. Below is some info >from a movie database

It has been nominated for an Oscar in the "Best Documentary Short Subject"


Ochberg's Orphans (2008)
Director: Jon Blair
Writer: Jon Blair (writer)
Release Date:2008 (UK)
Genre: Documentary

1921. In Russia a million children are without parents after six years of war,
famine and disease. 300,000 of them have been orphaned by murderous anti Semitic
attacks, their lives hanging by a thread.
In South Africa, businessman Isaac Ochberg dreams a dream of saving some of these
helpless and lost souls.
Filmed in the original locations, together with unique archive footage and
testimony >from survivors, Ochbergs Orphans reveals this unknown story of heroism.
Today, in a century dominated by wars, genocides and displaced peoples, Ochbergs
legacy is a reminder that a small act can make a big difference.

Alexander Friedlander


Lamschen/Lemken, Davidovitz, Hirschalld--Sassmachen/Riga in Latvia
Montweed/Montwuid--Italy, Holland, Latvia
Ochberg--Uman in the Ukraine
Friedlander and Ginsberg--Bytom/Beuthen and Wroclau/Breslau in Poland/Germany
And all in South Africa

Subject: re The Ochberg Orphans.
From: "DIGITAL PIX (Anne BREST)" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 23:39:11 +0200

Goeie More, Skatties, on the S. African Sig,

I understand that there may have been some talk on the S. African Sig about
the OCHBERG Orphans, but if so, I missed it as I have been away a few times
in 2007. I am very interested in buying the book, which I hear is
available, and I am wondering where I could buy it. It is not in "Exclusive
Books" in Sandton.

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