Surname: VERMONT #southafrica

Daniel Geselowitz <geselocohen@...>

I am researching an enigmatic member of my family named Jacob Vermont.
He was born abt 1849 in Lithuania as Yanka Marcushewitz. He changed his
surname to Greenberg to avoid the army, and then to Jacob Vermont. We wife
was Mary Vermont, nee Leon, born abt 1860 in Russia. He had a daughter
Anne, born abt 1888.
Jacob Vermont spent time in South Africa and Rhodesia in the late 1800's
and early 1900's, and possibly was also in New Zealand and Australia. By
1910, he was in Canada and California, USA, and eventually, he and his wife
died in the Los Angeles, California, area.
I have also found two Vermont's associated with South Africa, with whom
he might be connected: Simon Vermont and Isaac Vermont. Isaac Vermont is
buried in South Africa. Although they might be of the right age to be sons
of Jacob, it is not clear if there is any connection.
Any information would be appreciated!
Daniel Geselowitz, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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