Rev Nathan Levine Port Elizabeth 1922-25 #southafrica

Rachel Poole <rachel.poole3@...>

Dear genners

I'm searching for historical information on my great uncle Rev Nathan Levine
and his wife Evelyn who was posted to Port Elizabeth in 1922 remaining there
was about 3 years when he moved to Brisbane Australia. I'm not sure of which
Synagogue he was attached to. They had a very young daughter - Honnor with
them (approx 1 year's old) when they arrived. They then went on to have 2
more children Carmel and Basil and it is possible one or both of them may
have been born in SA. How can I find out? Nathan had a sister in SA at the
time - see separate posting

I know >from his obituary in London 1958 that whilst in Port Elizabeth he
wrote a book "Hebrew Treasures for Tiny Tots" alternative Title "Hebrew
without Tears".

Does anyone if a copy still exists and how I might get one?

I have a copy of him meeting the Prince of Wales during his time there and
another with Evelyn in the picture as a Red Cross Nurse whilst the Prince
was Inspecting them.


Rachel Poole

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