Re: SARANOWITZ #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

There appears to be a Jacob SARANOWITZ, single, age 19, who left Liverpool
on June 12, 1907, for Philadelphia, PA, on the Noordland.

There was also a Karolinas SARANOWITZ, single, age 25, who left Russia on
the SS Ebro, and landed in Hull and who thereupon left Liverpool on December
10, 1913, for Philadelphia on the Merion.

There is also an Itsik MESLEWITZ, age 16, male, single, last residence
Lomza, going to Johannesburg (probably a mistake), who came to his sister
named SARANOWITZ who lived in Elk Co., PA, on the Lord Gough, arriving
December 11, 1894, Philadelphia.

There is also an Itzig SARANOWITZ, born 1871, arriving in New York on the
Breman >from Rossrenz on July 15, 1908. Who he left behind and who he went
to is mostly illegible.

There is only one listing of a SARANOWITZ in South Africa, a Zelma.

Ann Rabinowitz

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