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This is a SOMEhow connected to my family.
I know there is a Thal connection to my ABRAMOWITCH/ABRAMS family in
Washington State and have been in contact with a descendant.

My GreatX2 GF was Israel Dov Maler/Muller /Miller, usually Maler.
Marysal's brother is too young but there has to be connection.???
My GGM Rebecca MALER was born in 1853 or 55 to Israel Dov MALER, and while
there are lots of Israels, some bar/ben Dov, the double name Israel Dov is
not really common.
Rebecca married Elias Todres SHERMAN.
Their eldest daughter Roche Leya b 1868 married Zecharya Abramowitch of
NovoAlexandrovsk/Rokiskis (depending on the year of registration).

I could guess (only guess) that Mendell was a brother of my Rebecca and
named a son for his father Israel Dov (senior).

We know Rebecca when she died in mid 1812 was mourned by brotherS and
sisterS, (on her tombstone it reads) two of whom we have probably
identified in USA. The rest remain a mystery.

Do you have ANYTHING ELSE of these Malers/Mullers
Best regards


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After World War II, many people were looking for their families,
especially in South Africa. One such person was Maryasal Mueller Thal.
She sent a letter to the "The Zionist Record" regarding her brother which
I am providing below. The family's original name in Lithuania was spelled

Here is the letter:

I am looking for the whereabouts of a brother of mine and his family whom
I believe are living in the whereabouts of South Africa. His name should
be Scrol Berell Miller or Mueller. He should be near sixty years of age.
When I heard >from him about twenty-seven years ago he was a married man
with three girls.

Our family, my parents, three brothers and I, originally came >from
Kupiskis, Litta (Litta is the same country as Lithuania, I believe).

Our mother's name was Toba and our father's Mendell.

The eldest brother, Nosan Velva, lived in Capetown, SA. He was unmarried
and died during an influenza epidemic about thirty five years ago. W also
had another brother and his family living in Kupiskis, Litta before they
were killed by the Germans during the last war.

There are other people >from our home town who might know something about
my brother's whereabouts. He moved to Kimberley as a young boy in about

My maiden name is Maryasal Mueller.

After my marriage to Ariel Thal, I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, with two small children. That was about twenty-four years ago.
We lived there about eight years and then moved to our present site in
Bellingham, Washington, USA. We have four boys and one girl now.

If with your help my brother and his family could be located, I would
indeed feel very grateful.

Thank you >from the bottom of my heart for all your trouble.

Mrs. Ariel Thal

At the time Mrs. Thal sent the letter on February 6, 1951, she received no
response >from anyone. This may have been due to one of the following

Her brother may have changed his name.
He had female children whose married names were not known.
He moved >from Kimberley to another place.

Perhaps now, after all these years, there may be someone who might
remember the family and the mystery of what happened to them will be

Please contact me if you know of this family's descendants as the daughter
and grandchildren of Mrs. Ariel Thal would very much still like to find

Ann Rabinowitz

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