Re: Letter About Kritz, Korb and Osherowitz #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The following letter has been translated >from the Yiddish (by V. Belling).
It was sent after World War II to Velva Sachar, President of the Kupisker
Benevolent Society in Cape Town, SA:

Dear Mr Sachar:

Here are the details of the nephew of Mrs Kritz. His name is Hershel
Osherowitz. The son of Sholem and Leah Osherowitz of Ponevezh. Before the
war he lived in Kovno and was a co-worker in the "Yidishe Shtime" (note:
Yiddish newspaper). His last address was number 8 Sniatsetskin Road, Vilne,
the Association of Russian writers. She is looking for his Aunt Hannah
Kritz, born, Korb, a sister of his mother Leah. Her parents were Saul and
Hannah Korb.

Her address is

Mrs Ch. Kritz
3 Gardner Flats
Watson Road
Cape Town
S. Africa.

If you want more information, please telephone Mrs Kritz. Her number is

With friendly wishes and hoping that you will do the mitzvah of finding the
young man.

I remain your friend.

A. Dichter.

I hope that this is of interest to someone researching these families.

All the best,
Ann Rabinowitz

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