Re: Leaving Lithuania to South Africa in search of gold #lithuania

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

When Jews traveled to South Africa >from the Baltics, they had to have
appropriate paperwork and they did need to have funds to travel with,
however little it might have been. Usually, the ticket for their travel
included food on the ship and many times families took food with them and
had to purchase bits and pieces as they traveled.

There are many resources and discussions about our ancestors' travel which
are to be found in the JewishGen digests archives. In addition, there is
information for those who traveled and stayed in in the Poor Jews' Temporary
Shelter as well as info on the South Africa SIG web site.

For those travelers who stopped at the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter, many
started their journey to South Africa in Bremen, Hamburg, or Libau. There
are, many times, notations of the ship they came to England on. For my
relative, Mrs. Ch. Chorez, she left Libau and arrived at the Poor Jews
Temporary Shelter, stayed for two days, and then went onto Cape Town on the
SS Briton. Another example is J. Cohen who was >from Kowno, went to Bremen
in 1902 and left on the ship SS Straus for England when he stayed for 5 days
before carrying onto Africa. Or, M. Cohen, who came >from Kovno to Hamburg
in 1907 where he got on the ship the SS Nerissa for England before going
onto Africa.

The travel pattern of a particular family all depends on when they traveled
and the deal they got >from the steamship company. Recently, I saw a 1927
passport for a family who travelled >from Skapiskis, Lithuania, to England.
There were stamps affixed therein for all of their stops, the first being

Ann Rabinowitz

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