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Dear members,

Having got to several brick walls in recent days, I'm seemingly facing
another one. I am trying to find out the parents of my great uncle Aubrey
Woolf Joel born in 1903 South Africa and died in Jo'burg in 1982. He was
married to my great aunt Barbara Pulvermacher. I have lots of info on
Barbara (who I knew) but hardly anything on Aubrey. >from my other great
aunt's book:

"Aubrey was for many years manager of Harris Hats factory in Johannesburg
(some 40 years, I believe!) until he decided he had had enough, and retired.
He made no use of the fact, but does come >from the well known Joel family;
also his mother was an excellent pianist who studied with Clara Schumann in
her youth."

And that, as they say, is it! Unfortunately, my South African family are
disinclined to help me in my research, and since they live in Cape Town,
they are not in the vicinity of Johannesburg, where Barbara and Aubrey would
have been buried. In fact, I don't even know if they were buried.

I have a strong feeling that the Joel family that my great aunt was
referring to in her book was the Randlord family that included Woolf Joel
and (by marriage) Barney Barnato. I have googled these Joels, but haven't
found a comprehensive family tree for them. The One World Tree on ancestry
does include a few of them but isn't that extensive: I suspect that not all
children >from marriages shown are included.

If anyone could suggest anything, I'd be most grateful. Email me off list
if you would like to contact me directly


Jessica Leschnikoff, Brenchley, UK

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