Levitas/Levy #southafrica

Michelle Essers


I am helping an older friend with her research.

Her information is still rather scanty.

Her mother, Temi Levy was >from Bangor, north Wales.

Temi's father apparently changed his name >from Levitas to Levy.
Several of his brothers emigrated to SA, one started a farm (area unknown)

Esther (born in 1924) remembers 2 of her mother's SA cousins come to
visit the UK during their school holidays.

Carol Levy, originally >from Jhb, married a Rhodesian. He was 'the
leading light' of Colgate Palmolive in Rhodesia. Years later they
moved to Sea Point where Carol was a renown Speech therapist/teacher.
Esther last saw Carol in Sea point about 10 or 15 years ago.

Carol's sister Elsie Levy,married a cousin.

So far this is all my 86 year old friend can remember....


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