Missing families of Soldiers killed in Israeli Wars #southafrica

Balden <balden@...>

Am inserting this notice for Telfed, i.e. The South African Zionist
Federation in Israel:

Gidon Katz of Ashkelon, Israel, is co-ordinating a project to find the
missing families in Australia of four South Africans who died whilst serving
in the Israeli Defence Forces.

This is no easy task as he is looking for the third generation, brothers,
sisters and cousins.

According to the files of the Israeli Ministry of Defence, the families of
the four are living in Australia. Below are the only details they have:

Yechezkel Berelowitz 17th April 1918 - 12th May 1948.

Oded Kaploun 19th December 1925 - 28th April 1948.

Natan Mordekai Friedman 1st June 1929 - 29th October 1951

Zvi Harold Leibowitz 7th October 1946 - 1 September 1969

Please contact me privately if you have any information so that I can pass
it on to the South African Zionist Federation in Israel.

Thank you

Beryl Baleson

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