History of the Jews in South Africa - new e-book #southafrica

Saul Issroff

"A History of the Jews in South Africa, >from the earliest times to
1895" by Louis Herrman is now available on CD.

This highly interesting book contains expositions of Jewish influence
in a wide range of areas, including their impact on the voyages of the
early explorers, the 1820 settlers and the diamond and goldfields of
South Africa. The influences of the immigrants >from eastern Europe is
also described.
Additional features are:
Appendix 1 contains a literature reference list,
Appendix 2 a copy of the grant of land made by Tchaka to Nathaniel Isaacs
Appendix 3 a list of the names inscribed on the South African Jewish
War Memorial.
index is also included. (It can also be downloaded >from the website),
photographs/illustrations are included.

More info and orders are available on the http://www.cdbooks-r-us.com

Price (including postage) is R130 (Aus$22, 13 pounds, Euro 16, US$22).

Orders can be placed either by email (to colin@...) or via the
http://www.cdbooks-r-us.com website. Payment can be made bank to bank
in SA (for RSA residents, and details to be provided on order) or via
Paypal (to colin@...) or credit card for non-RSA residents

I haven't got a commercial interest in this.

Saul Issroff

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