Polish translation requests posted on Viewmate Nos. 13488 and 13489 #gdansk #germany #poland #danzig

Stephen Brown

Dear Colleagues

I would be grateful if a kind member would translate >from Polish a
letter and the accompanying bill >from the archives in Bydgoszcz.

These are posted on Viewmate and are numbered 13488 and 13489.

I fear that the letter will tell me they cannot find records of my
greatgrandfather Tobias BROWN and the children of his two marriages. I
would appreciate a fairly full translation especially as the letter
contains dates which might be useful in my research.

The bill I understand to be for 12 Euros but I need a ittle help to be
sure of the details of the account into which to pay the money.

With grateful thanks in advance,

Kind regards

Stephen M Brown
Manchester UK
Membership No.342258

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