Charlotte (Lotte) DAVIS, nee Rothschild #southafrica

Sandra Cruz

Dear all

I have already submitted some messages to Jewishgen and Gersig. My name is Sandra,
from Sao Paulo Brazil and 52 years old. >from my mother´s side we are German Jewish.
My Grandfather (Moritz ROTHSCHILD) was >from Pforzheim and my Grandmother (Erna
GOLDSCHMIDT) >from Hamburg.

Most of my family came to Brazil. One of my grandfather´s brother (Ephraim) Emil
(Emilio in Portuguese) (b. Pforzheim in 1868, d. Sao Paulo in 1943) and was
married to Johanna ROTHSCHILD nee Reinheimer. They had two children Rudolph
(Rodolfo) (Rudi) ROTHSCHILD and Charlotte (Lotte) DAVIS (nee ROTHSCHILD).
In 1943 Lotte DAVIS was living in Cape Town, South Africa as it is at her father´s
obituary and inventory.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Sandra Helena Rocha da Cruz, São Paulo, Brazil, shr4559@...

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