Irish Jewish Ancestors #southafrica

Ann Rabinowitz

There are many places to find information about Irish Jews and in the past I
have written about some of them on the JewishGen Digest and the JewishGen Blog.
Today, however, I provide another means of looking up Irish ancestors. It is
checking them out on which not only has records >from America, but
those >from Ireland and other places as well.

This is not a comprehensive listing, but a snapshot of what you can find if you
have a mind to. I started by looking up my favorite search name of COHEN and
plugged in Dublin in the search engine on its front page. There I
found some of the following:

Records - There are immigration records, particularly of individuals who crossed
over Canadian and Mexican borders. For instance, Leah and Alfred Cohen arrived
through Niagara Falls, NY, on September 23, 1929. Anna Cohen Shiller arrived
through Laredo, Texas on July 26, 1941. A number of the Irish immigrants are
listed as leaving >from the port of Queenstown, Ireland, and others >from various
ports in England such as Liverpool and Southampton.

In addition, there are naturalization records. One is Jacob Cohen who was born
in Dublin in 1899 and who lived in Baltimore, Maryland.

Another group of records are those >from Griffith's Valuation, 1848-1864. There,
I found Abraham Cohen, Esq., who had a residence in 1853 in Ranelegh, North, at
13 Ranelegh Road (west side) which was comprised of a house, office and small

Also, there is the England and Wales Probate Calendar, 1858-1966, which lists
Jane Cohen who died October 2, 1877, late of 67 Grafton-street, Dublin.

The great record sets are the Ireland, Births and Baptisms, 1602-1911, where I
found Caroline Cohen, born April 16, 1880, the daughter of Abraham Cohen and
Henrietta Hamburgher; the Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index,
1845-1958, where I found David Isaac Cohen and Annie Leventon who married in
1882; and the Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index, 1864-1958, where I found
Hyman Cohen (1876-1951).

Photographs - Not only did records pop up, but also photos of individuals as
well as tombstones in Dublin's Dolphin Barn Cemetery. For example, there is a
photo of Miriam Leah Cohen who married a Rosenberg and also found is her
tombstone with her dates of 1840-1913.

This give you some idea of what is available and there is so much more to wade
through. Good luck!!!

Ann Rabinowitz

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