eGGSA Passenger Lists Updated #southafrica

Saul Issroff

The following information >from Richard Ball may be of interest.

Saul Issroff
eGGSA Passenger Lists Updated

Richard Wolfaardt's team of transcribers has completed the
transcription of the passenger lists contained in the Cape Archives
classs PWD 2-753, consisting arrivals at Cape Town, between December
1873 and 1876, of 71 ships and 669 immigrant names. These particular
listings do not include the names of wives and children when they
accompanied male immigrants but do mention that they did so and
usually give the age and sex of the children.

The surnames of immigrants on this list can be found on here:

These transcriptions are included in the eGGSA Passenger List Database
which now contains details of 1794 voyages and 79,184 passenger names
between 1850 and 1911.

Many thanks to Alta Griffiths for photographing the documents, to the
Western Cape Archives for permission to do so and to the transcribers:
James Anderson, John Deare, Basil G Royston, Ray Pitt and Richard

With many thanks,


Richard Ball, Norfolk, England

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