Accessing the Poor Jews' Temporary Shelter Database #southafrica

Saul Issroff

There have been a number of queries about how to access the Poor Jews'
Temporary Shelter Database on the revised SA Jewish Rootsbank site .

The home page screen has a horizontal dashboard at the top with items
Home-Poor Jews Temporary Shelter- Kaplan Centre-FAQ-links-contact us.

Highlight the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter button and a drop down menu
appears. But next to the button is a small bold arrow. click on this
and the search engine for the shelter database appears. (The vertical
menu on the left side of the hoem page applies to the Rootsbank

Please note that for inexplicable reasons there are soem names that
appear in the online database and not in the original printed
publication edited by Prof Aubrey Newman, Graham Smith, Nick Evans and
myself. There are also names that appear in the printed publication
and not in the online database.

Saul Issroff

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