Seeking Documents from South Africa #southafrica

Avrum Geller <avrmgeller@...>

I am seeking to hire an individual who can obtain the following:

Certified death certificate with apostille >from Johannesburg for the following four persons:
Bendit FRIEDLAND, died 11 Aug 1925 in Johannesburg [ he is buried in Brixton Cemetery]
Morris FRIEDLAND, died 20 Jan 1930 in Johannesburg [he is buried in Brixton Cemetery]
Barney ABEL, died 20 Jan 1963 probably in Johannesburg [he is buried in Heilbron Cemetery]
Judith [nee FRIEDLAND] SMITH, died 23 May 2012 in Killarney, Gauteng a suburb of Johannesburg where she was resident, or in Johannesburg, her ID# is 1510290023081. She was the widow of Roowen SMITH.

I would also like to obtain copies of Estate files on the above individuals which have been identified as follows (also certified and with apostille as required by New York City courts)
from the Johannesburg Masters Office:
Judith nee FRIEDLAND SMITH file # 015083 of 2012.
from Master of the Supreme Court-Pretoria:
Bendit FRIEDLAND file # 57937 of 1925.
Morris FRIEDLAND file # 71063 of 1930.

Also seeking copy of marriage record of Judith FRIEDLAND to Roowen SMITH on 3 November 1935 in Johannesburg.

I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone in the South Africa SIG who can provide me with a referral to a person qualified to offer assistance for fee, or, otherwise, to provide guidance to me on how to proceed with this project.

Avrum Geller
New York, NY

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