Baker Chazzans in Port Elizabeth #southafrica

Andrew Monfried <monfried73@...>

According to family lore, my great grandfather Nathan Baker lived in Port
Elizabeth for a time with a brother who was a chazzan there. He was born in
Pasvalys (Poshvol), Lithuania and lived in SA >from 1899-1906 before
emigrating to America (Baltimore) where he started our family. That was all
I knew until a cousin found a picture of the brother, named Louis Baker, who
signed it on the back. I would think Louis was an older brother so he was
probably born in the mid-1860's.

I have included a link to his photo in Viewmate below. My GGF left Cape Town
and when he arrived at Ellis Island, his immigration papers say "Bekerman"
so the family name could be any derivative of Baker.

Equally exciting was finding another picture of a younger chazzan who signed
his photo "Love, Jack" The photo was taken at the BEIT Studios in
Johannesburg, but we theorize that Jack Baker was likely the son of Louis. I
have already been in contact with the very knowledgeable Denzil Levy who
believes 'a' Jack Baker was part of a group which broke up a Greyshirt
meeting held at the Feathermarket Hall.

Even if you do not recognize these two men, I would appreciate any thoughts
on when the photos were taken. For Jack, was this a publicity photo or would
it have been >from his graduation?

Thank you in advance for any assistance,

Andrew Monfried
Dallas, Texas, USA

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