South African Landsmanschaftn (Sick and Benefit Societies) #southafrica

Saul Issroff

David (Solly) Sandler (sedsand@... Perth, Aus) has written
to me about his current work. He is appealing for any publications
from these SA Societies:
He is working on compiling a book on SOUTH AFRICAN LANDMANSCHAFT
(Sick and Benefit Societies)

This will incorporate all brochures and booklets of the societies he
can obtain. So far he has booklets >from Keidan and Krakenowo
(booklets published and these will be incorporated into the SA
Landmanschaft book), Ponevez and Malat and Districts.

There were many associations in SA over the years including: Anykster,
Birzer, Dwinsk, Keidan, Kelmer, Kovno, Krakinover, Kroze, Kupisker,
Kurland and Riga, Lutzin, Minsk, Ponevez, Poswohl, Plungian, Rakishok,
Schavlaner, Schawler, Shater, Tels, Utianer, Wilner and Zagare.

The SAJBD archives at Beyachad are assisting him.

His compilations give approximately 95% of proceeds to Arcadia
(the JHB Chevra Kadisha) and the balance to Oranjia (CT) and the

The Yizkor Book of Rakishok and environs has now been published by
JewishGen. Bella Golubchik and David helped them complete it. Part
of this was The Memorial section of The Yizkor Book of Rakishok and
environs which he published and this was reviewed in Jewish Affairs.

The Keidan Yizkor book is slowly progressing and approaching
completion and he will publish it soon.

The story of the South African volunteers SOUTH AFRICA'S 800 by Henry Katzew.
This book has not only the names of the South Africans who served in
Israel in 1948-9 but also those who served >from 1956 to 1972. This
book was out of print and at the request and help of Joe Woolf, one of
its editors / researchers, he has done a reprint and is selling the
book for Arcadia.

He would be very happy to reprint any other books on SA Jewish
History that you think are worthy of reprinting. Just let him know.

THE OCHBERG ORPHANS - volume two has 82 chapters and 361 pages and is
priced at US$50 (Rand 750). The first volume costs US$80 (Rand1200)
and the set (volumes one and two) are on sale for US$100 (Rand1500).
To buy books email David (sedsand@...) your address and please
make appropriate donation direct to Arcadia online at

using your credit card and paying in Rands; use Chev Acc no: 41997.

Saul Issroff

(This is the one-time announcement allowed by JewishGen. I have no commercial
interest in these publications.)

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