Re: The word 'Smouse' for a Jewish peddler #southafrica

Jeremy Lichtman <jeremy@...>

The difficulty I have here is that I do not know how to read the word
'Smouse' phonetically. I think you are trying to convey what I would
write as SHMOOZ. If so, it is used in Yiddish but is German in origin
and has a double meaning of "cuddle" and of "soft talk". David Lewin
In Afrikaans, the word 'smous' would be pronounced something like smow-s
(slightly extended s at the end).

I don't know if the word is pejorative or not, but the traveling Jewish
peddler was usually seen in a positive light, as they were the ones
bringing news (gossip?) and urgently needed supplies to remote farming
areas that seldom saw other outside traffic.

Jeremy Lichtman

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