test #subcarpathia

Dick Plotz

Hi Marshall--

This is a test of the Sub-Carpathia list. You should have received a
copy of the welcome message, but since I subscribed you >from the
server admin level I'm not sure that would have been activated. It was
the revised message Warren approved in February that you sent me then.

Please look at the message footer in this message and check it for
correctness. I'm not sure where your JewishGen-erosity line will sit;
I've put it as if it were a line on the H-SIG JewishGen-erosity page,
and if I hear differently >from Vivian and Warren I'll change it

After I approve this message to go out and the feedback comes that it
was successfully delivered to you, I'll change your subscription to
digest, and you'll get the digest after midnight. Check the
boilerplate text on that too; it's a different setting at this end.

Once we know that's OK, I'll show you around the moderation interface.
When you're sufficiently familiar with it, I'll make the list public,
and you can put out an announcement on the JewishGen Discussion Group
and H-SIG. You'll need a one-line description to go up on the
subscription page
<http://www.jewishgen.org/ListManager/members_add.asp>. Check what's
there for the other lists and send Warren the text you want to appear

There are a couple of other things I'll need to test before the list
goes public, but I don't think I'll need your help with those.


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