Turjajog, Kenngacy #subcarpathia

Jeff at SG

Some of my wife's ancestors were Riederman who at the end of the 19th
century lived in the village of Nagy-Turjaszog, sometimes written just
Turjajog. I have visited the village. Its modern name is Turitza and it
is in the Ung region of the Carpathian mountains of the western Ukraine,
not far >from Perecin. At the time they lived there, Turjajog was still
in Hungary.

I also found a possibly related person bearing the same surname, also
listed as Hungarian Jewish, coming >from Turjajog, Kenngacy. Has anyone
come across "Kenngacy" or know what it might refer to?

Thank you.

Jeff Malka
Researching: RIEDERMAN (Ung province, Serednye), ORNSTEIN (Serednye),
GELFAND (Cherven, Belarus)

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