Short videos about Genealogy & JewishGen #subcarpathia

Phyllis Kramer

Just a reminder that we have created a series of 5 minute videos which
might interest some readers.

Prepare For Your Search (for USA researchers)
Navigate JewishGen
Find Your Ancestral Town (for USA researchers)
Communicate with Other Researchers:
JGFF: The JewishGen Family Finder -- for Surnames/Towns
FTJP: Family Tree of the Jewish People -- for over 5 million people
JewishGen Discussion Groups
Hosted Organizations: Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
Jewish Genealogy Websites - Part I (JewishGen and IAJGS/JGS) and Part II

You can find them on the first timers page
( and at the bottom
of the education page (
Isn't JewishGen wonderful!
Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education:
family web site:

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