Looking for Auschwitz child survivor - Jolli A7734 #subcarpathia

Ayana Kimron Genealogy

Jeno [Jolli] was transported to Auschwitz together with his twin
brother in May 1944, two months prior to their 4th birthday.
Luckily, both brothers survived the war, however their ways separated
just 2 days before liberation.

Jolli's twin brother was taken out of camp by a man, leaving behind all memory.
For the next 67 years he had a different name. Nobody could find him,
and he was unable search for his brother.
Now he knows his true identity. Now we also have proof that Jolli was
very much alive after liberation.

Jolli's surname at birth was GOTTESMAN, but he may have changed his
name just like his brother did.
Clues lead us to possible adoption by non-Jewish family right after
WW2, and then to the USA. None of it is definite.
One thing is definite though: the number tattooed on his arm is A7734.

Childhood photos:

He may be your neighbor, a friend, or even a relative. If you happen
to know details about him, please contact me.
And please help us by spreading the word in your communities.
Thank you.

Ayana KimRon

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