Mayer and Goldglanze families from Nevetlanfalu #subcarpathia

Beth Glaser <bethglaser52@...>

My Husbands Mother and her whole family started leaving Nevetelenfalu
in 1907 with the last leaving in 1922. Josef Mayer, (left 1907, 1913
and 1914) b.1879 married Ida (Yetta) Goldglanze, (left 1922), b.1878,
their children, Ignatz, (left 1913) b.1897, Salomon, (left 1914)
b.1898, Piroska b.1902, Vojtech (Bela) b 1906, Ilonka b.1907,
Serena b.1909, and Lanka b.1911. All these children came with Ida in
1922. There is a Rabbi Victor Mayer arr.1946 b1909, cousin to these
children I believe. He arrives with his wife Lea and 2 children,
Debora and Ignac. Victor was in the Camps, I don't know about his wife
and children. There are several Goldglanze's, all related and called
Uncle or cousin. Haman Goldglonz arr. 1901 goes to cousin Sam Weiss,
don't know who he is. He comes again in 1910 . Uncle Harry Goldglany
meets Josef, Ignatz and Salomon Mayer, (Haman I think). Bernard
Goldzland arr 1910 to brother Hermann (Haman?), Josefa Goldglanz arr.
1910 and wife Sura follows in 1913, nephew to Ida. I also have Mali
Goldglany arr.1902 to brother Herman and Farkas Goldglantz arr. 1909
to brother Herman and Arpad Goladsey on the same ship with Bernard
(arr.1910) saying Farkas is his brother. Big Goldglanz family. Any
help would be wonderful.
Thank you
Beth Glaser

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