Re: subcarpathia digest: April 20, 2013 #subcarpathia

Beth Glaser <bethglaser52@...>

Any chance you will be in Egris or Nevetlenfalu, I have Goldglanz and
Mayer family I am loking for?

Thank you
Beth Glaser


I visited Nevetlenfalu in 2012 and will visit Egris (believed to be Oleshnyk
today) in 2013.

As far as B/M/D records are concerned >from any city, town or village in the
Transcarpathian Archive, I am currently working on this issue. More to follow
in a separate e-mail at a later date.


For the benefit of those of you new to this list or not familiar with the
places I have visited, there are two trip reports (2011 and 2012) which
document my travels. I will be writing a 2013 trip report. The 2011 and
2012 trip reports are found at the JewishGen Sub-Carpathia SIG "Portal"

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CLICK: Travel Planning, then Travel - Trip Reports.


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