Fw: digital pics of Sub Carpathia #subcarpathia

Reuven Werber <reuw@...>

Dear Members,

This summer. my wife and I were fortunate enough to participate in a
learning tour of remains of Jewish settlements in Hungarian speaking

We spent 9 days >from Budapest, Koshice, Presov, Uzhhorod, Hust, Munkacs,
Selush, Bushtina, Beregsas, and a few other places.

I photographed many pics and posted them in a collection on Flickr.

You can see them here:


They are organized by day & name of places visited.

Hope they will be of interest.

All the best,
Reuven Werber
Kibbutz Kfar Etzion

MODERATOR NOTE: Thank you for sharing with everyone.

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