2014 Sub-Carpathia Trip Report #subcarpathia

Marshall Katz

Sub-Carpathia Trip Report - 2014
"Tour de Carpat"
Marshall Katz, Camp Hill, PA


For general travel hints, please refer to my earlier trip reports
found at the Sub-Carpathia SIG "Portal" or by searching in the
JewishGen list archive.

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With the current situation in Eastern Ukraine, it was the daily talk on
Ukraine television as well as in the villages and towns, but otherwise
it was business as usual in Sub-Carpathia. Tourism is down due to the
worldwide reporting of the events in Eastern Ukraine, but, people are
still traveling to Sub-Carpathia, especially to visit the mineral baths
for medicinal purposes. While I was in Sub-Carpathia, there was a
massive call-up of men aged 18-50, and a few people I knew >from my
ancestral village had to report to for military duty. I met a Jewish
Ukrainian soldier, an army major, who just returned >from the Eastern
front. He told me that the worldwide media are making it seem typically
worse than it actually is. Of course, there is no shortage of propaganda
on either side. I donated 1,000 hryvna (Ukrainian currency) to the
Ukrainian Army through a program sponsored by a bank. This year the
hryvna (Ukraine currency) has devalued to the dollar. Further
complicating life in Sub-Carpathia---as well in all of Ukraine---is
the steep rise in the price of gasoline/diesel fuel and a 100% increase
in the price of natural gas. I personally felt the impact on the price
of gasoline each time I filled up the Lincoln Town Car---with New York
plates---I used again this year for my travels around Sub-Carpathia.
Each fill-up cost double the price I paid last year. Regarding fuel
taxes, sadly Sub-Carpathia gets very little financial benefit to
repair its roads.

As in previous years, the roads in Sub-Carpathia are a nightmare: more
potholes than last year and many of which are very deep, especially off
the main roads leading to the villages. The main roads, to a certain
point, are normally patched by the end of May or the middle of June,
but the secondary roads have been ignored for years---since Ukraine
independence >from Russia. Closed Russian factories lay barren and are
stripped to recycle the metal, etc. Remnants of Russian government
farms abound in Sub-Carpathia and today, the fields serve as pasture
land for cows and horses. The people of Sub-Carpathia and all of
Ukraine pay a high fuel tax, but one never sees the road tax being
used in Sub-Carpathia to fix the secondary roads. The only positive
side is that there are fewer accidents because of how slowly one
must drive on these secondary roads. However, driving in a serpentine
manner to avoid potholes is tiring and one ends up playing "chicken"
with oncoming traffic. Therefore, as I mentioned before, when planning
a visit to multiple villages that are not in proximity to each other,
it is important to ensure sufficient travel days in one's itinerary
to compensate for the additional time required to drive >from place
to place. If your villages are not close to each other, you may not
have time to visit them in one day.

My 2014 "Tour de Carpat" was quite an experience this year. After
surviving the winter on the east coast of the U.S. by not getting
sick, I caught a bad case of the flu on the flight to Europe, >from
which I took almost three weeks to recover. The weather started out
being cold and very wet, then changed to very hot for a week, then
back to cold and wet, and then finally very hot in early July,
often, with an afternoon rain shower or thunderstorm. In the
mountains, it was unseasonably colder this year, according to
the locals.

One of this year's goals was to finish photographing the tombstones
in the Uzhhorod (Ungvar) cemetery, which was accomplished
successfully with photographing all of the tombstones in Sections
one and two, which took five days to complete. Sections three, four
and five were completed in 2013. In all, I have 13,440 images >from
the Uzhhorod cemetery---by far, the largest cemetery in Sub-Carpathia
today. I passed by the Uzhhorod cemetery the other day and noticed it
is overgrown again--with waist high weeds---and nobody was working to
clear the cemetery. There is no full time caretaker, as there is in
Mukacheve and Berehove, but the Uzhhorod cemetery needs one. I asked
and learned that no money was given for follow-on maintenance this
year, beyond the first clearing of the season, back in early May.

Next, I was invited to speak at a conference sponsored by the
Hungarian government in the Hungarian University located in Berehove
(Beregszasz). The conference was a remembrance program commemorating
70 years since the deportations and Holocaust in Sub-Carpathia. I
spoke about JewishGen and my work in Sub-Carpathia creating web sites
for villages and towns in Sub-Carpathia that have a Jewish cemetery.
There were many Hungarian and Ukrainian dignitaries in attendance as
well as some Americans and numerous university students. I was invited
back to speak again at the next conference. I spoke in English
following my Power Point slide show while my friend, Laci Baziek,
translated my comments into Hungarian. However, I later learned that
many of the students understood my presentation in English. Afterwards
a plaque was unveiled in the Hungarian University honoring Milton
Friedman, a Berehove (Beregszasz) descendant, recipient of a Nobel
Prize in Economic Sciences, known for his research on consumption
analysis, monetary history and theory, and the complexity of
stabilization policy. The movie "Chasing Shadows" was screened to all
participants, which documents Rabbi Hugo Gryn, >from London, returning
to his roots in Berehove (Beregszasz). We then gathered at the small
Orthodox synagogue on Zrini Street where a memorial to the Holocaust
was dedicated---with a candle lighting ceremony---and a Holocaust
survivor, >from Hungary, recited the Kaddish (mourners prayer). Lastly,
the Budapest Klezmer band gave a wonderful performance for all in
attendance in the Hungarian University. The following day,
interested parties participated in a trip to some of the towns around
Sub-Carpathia which had a large Jewish presence.

I was interviewed on Tysa One TV in 2013 and this year, I was invited
to the studio for an interview this year. Afterwards, when traveling
to the towns and villages, people recognized me and were enthusiastic
to help me. During the interview, I mentioned that a Museum of
Sub-Carpathia Jewish History was planned for Berehove (Beregszasz).
Soon, I will add the 2013 and 2014 interview to the Sub-Carpathia

This year, I was able to meet with the Hungarian consul in Uzhhorod.
It was a very cordial meeting, for over an hour, and he mentioned that
he is keenly aware of my work in Sub-Carpathia. He called it
"Spiritual Work" in the manner I was preserving the Hungarian history
of the Jewish communities that once lived in Sub-Carpathia---by
documenting the cemeteries. He had just returned >from Poland and in
his speech, he told me that he used me as an example for others to
emulate elsewhere. A few weeks later, in Berehove (Beregszasz), I met
the Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine. He too was aware of my work in
Sub-Carpathia and had some very kind words for me which I very much

In Berehove (Beregszasz) in the Berehivskyi raion (county), the
restoration of the small synagogue has progressed dramatically. The
roof and exterior of the synagogue have been completed, new windows
were installed and now funding is needed to complete the work on the
interior of the synagogue and to establish a proper museum on the
second floor. They have started to receive interesting objects for
the museum, including items donated >from the Holocaust Museum in
Budapest which were formerly >from Sub-Carpathia. Whenever I travel
from village to village, I always ask the locals if they still
have anything left behind by their Jewish neighbors after their
deportation in 1944. Surprisingly, 70 years later, I received several
Jewish items >from the villagers. In Verkhniy Studenyy
(Felsohidegpatak), in the Mizhhirskiy raion, I purchased two Hebrew
books, one a Bible and the other---a commentary---translated to
"The Woman's Bible." In Kvasy (Tiszaborkut), in the Rakhivsky raion,
I purchased two metal cups and a scale with ten weights used in the
Jewish "Korchma" (tavern). In Berehove (Beregszasz), I purchased old
Hungarian paper money, called "pengo." Once I return home, I will be
donating a blue striped concentration camp uniform brought back to
the USA by my father, who was with the American Army that liberated
one of the "lagers" (camps). These items will make an important
addition to the museum's display. If you, or anyone you know, has
religious artifacts, books, etc., >from Sub-Carpathia either >from
before or after the war, please consider donating them to the museum
in Berehove, to memorialize your Sub-Carpathian families and villages
or towns. If you have nothing to contribute, you can help financially
as another way to memorialize them. Write to me and I will provide
contact information---they have a web site. Several plaques have been
purchased and all who have contributed to this very worthwhile project
will have their names engraved on them. You can make a donation
"In memory of" as well.

In Vynogradiv, this year we gained access to the synagogue to view
the restoration. Unfortunately, the restoration has stopped due to the
lack of funds. This synagogue's interior is barren--simply a dirt
floor---unlike other synagogues with everything in the interior sill
intact, albeit in very poor condition and needing complete restoration.
Photos of the synagogue's current condition are on the Vynogradiv
KehilaLink web site. In July, I attended a ceremony dedicating a
memorial to the Holocaust in the central park, across >from the mayor's
office. Many dignitaries attended >from Ukraine, Hungary, Israel, USA
and Canada.

In Khust, the main sanctuary is also in dire need of restoration. The
frescoes on the ceiling and walls are wonderful works of art. This
synagogue was flooded in the past and all the floorboards of the main
sanctuary need to be replaced and the complete interior restored. The
exterior has been restored and a small prayer room and kitchen was
restored in the past by generous donors. Photos of the synagogue's
current condition are on the Khust KehilaLink web site.

In Mukacheve, through the efforts of a generous donor, the old
Munkacs cemetery now looks like a cemetery again---with cement burial
plots in rows---instead of a barren field. I will soon add updated
images of the old Munkacs cemetery to the Mukacheve KehilaLink web
site. Also in Mukacheve, I visited with a 93 year-old highly decorated
Jewish Russian Army Colonel whom I first met in 2005. I usually stop
by to see him each time I am in Sub-Carpathia, but unfortunately, this
year he is in failing health. He still has his sense of humor and
clear memories of WWII. He told me many interesting stories, including
one where he was leading the Soviet Army fighting the Germans across a
river, both forces were low on ammunition and food. He said, just
then, a flotilla of German aircraft flew overhead and parachuted
ammunition and food to the Germans, but, before they could land, a
gust of wind pushed the parachutes over to the Soviet Army side where
they landed. I asked him what was his reaction? He said he shouted,
"Baruch Hashem." ("Blessed is the name" - G-d) Also in Mukacheve, I
was asked to look up relatives of a lady I used to work with. I found
the house and her relatives, taking photos of a family album for her.
Coincidentally, her relative Maria was born and raised in my ancestral
village, Klyucharki (Varkulcsa), and knew members of four families that
returned there after their liberation, i.e., FUCHS, HALPERT, KATZ and
ZIEGLER, but none remained.

I was driving by one of my ancestral villages, Chabanivka (Bacovo),
and I noticed that much of the cemetery had been cleared, probably
by the workers at the natural gas pumping station next door. I
stopped and walking around in the cemetery, I noticed tombstones
that were not previously photographed, but were now visible, albeit
face down and sunk deep into the ground. It was apparent I needed
help to raise the heavy stones to photograph them, so I enlisted
a couple men >from my other ancestral village where I stay,
Klyucharki (Varkulcsa), to help me. We needed an iron bar and
shovel to raise the stones, otherwise we wouldn't be able to raise
them. This time, I hope I have photographed my Great-Great
Grandfather's tombstone, he passed away in 1937 while visiting his
in-laws family in Chabanivka (Bacovo).

For 2015, I plan to return to Sub-Carpathia and continue to the
last of the villages and towns in Sub-Carpathia. If there is enough
interest, I would be willing to plan a group tour of Sub-Carpathia,
including travel to people's ancestral villages. With about 10-15
people participating, it will lower the overall cost. Understanding
that many people are still working, probably a two week travel plan
will work best for all---in mid to the end of May. This just before
the tourist season starts and hotels are not a problem. We would,
of course, visit the larger towns of Uzhhorod (Ungvar), Mukacheve
(Munkacs), Berehove (Beregszasz), Tyachiv (Tecso), Vynohradiv
(Nagyszollos), Rakhiv (Raho) and Yasinya (Korosmezo), but also
your neighboring villages added to the travel itinerary. Usually,
only Uzhhorod and Mukacheve have a minyan (quorum) and only
Uzhhorod and Mukacheve have a Kosher kitchen for meals.

Once again, this year, several cemeteries that I visited were a
very long walk---up and far back in the mountain---and once found,
it was difficult to access the tombstones. Most all cemeteries are
overgrown and not maintained. Several previously restored
cemeteries, with walls and a locked gate, again had no visible
contact information for the person with the key to the lock, so
we had to climb over the walls. Again, this year, the Gold medal
goes to Uglya (Uylya) cemetery in the Tiachivskyi raion (county),
where the caretaker of the cemetery died several years ago and
nobody replaced him---so now, three years later---the weeds are
taller than the walls, the large metal gates of the cemetery were
stolen in 2013 and, again, several parts of the cemetery wall
have collapsed. It is a shame that this cemetery is not passable,
there are over 200 tombstones in this cemetery I would like to
photograph. We found another cemetery in Tarasivka (Tereselpatak),
in the Tiachivskyi raion, which takes the Silver medal for being
overgrown. It is located on a mountainside and is impossible to
get through the thick brush and "jagger bushes" (Pittsburghese
for thorn bushes). Sadly, in Rozivka (Ketergeny), where the
cemetery was destroyed, the adjacent house is using the
tombstones as flooring for a livestock pen.

It is important to state that anyone visiting Sub-Carpathia
cemeteries and requiring the assistance of the locals, must be
very respectful to them. We had a complaint again at one cemetery
about earlier visitors. Also, as in previous years, villagers
who were promised payment for caring for a cemetery, were not
being paid. This includes villagers who have the key to the
cemeteries. This gives Jews a bad name with the locals and is an
easy fix. If you know of someone who is remiss in paying for
their cemetery's maintenance, please tell them to honor their
agreements. It would be sad to travel to Sub-Carpathia and not
be able to access your ancestral cemetery because of lack of
payment for cemetery maintenance. Two years ago I was denied
access to a cemetery for this very reason, but fortunately, the
following year, I was given access.

As in previous years, something humorous always happens during
my travels. In one case, attempting to locate and photograph the
Volovets' (Voloc) cemetery, in the Volovetskiy raion---on the
hottest day of the week---we walked far up the mountain, and
once I started photographing the tombstones, I thought it looked
familiar and then I realized it had been photographed last year.
It was the Huklyvyy (Hukliva) cemetery, the next village
bordering the corporate limits of Volovets'. The cemetery is
located within the corporate limits of Huklyvyy and is often
mistaken as the Volovets' cemetery---although a shared cemetery
between the two towns. What initially made me think it was a
different cemetery was due to the fact that, last year, there
was a bordering forest of trees on the mountainside and now the
mountain side had been cleared of trees for agricultural
purposes. I checked my few images made this year against the
images taken last year and it was in fact the Huklyvyy (Hukliva)
cemetery. In order to visit the Ust'-Chorna (Kiralymezo)
cemetery in the Tiachivskyi raion, we had to forge a river.
Since there was no foot bridge, we thought we would need to use
high leg boots used by fisherman to cross the river, but the
neighbor, an 87-year-old man, showed us how we would easily---
in his opinion---cross the river. Years ago, he constructed a
very thick metal wire across the river between two very large
trees and added a flat platform to sit on that followed the
wire---on rollers---to pull oneself across the river to the
other side. He said he goes across to the other side of the
river daily for firewood. By the way, the snakes were worse
this year, probably due to a mild winter in Sub-Carpathia.
If you do visit a cemetery, especially those that are overgrown,
I suggest you wear Timberline high-top boots for stability and
safety as well as thick leather workmen gloves.

Unlike previous years, where I primarily knew the towns and
villages with a cemetery, my goal this year was to try and locate
cemeteries not previously identified on anyone's list---to
simply travel around Sub-Carpathia to villages and towns and
ask if they have a Jewish cemetery. I did find and photograph
a few cemeteries not found in previous years and others not
previously identified. Whenever we entered a village, we asked
a minimum of three "Babushkas" (grandmothers) or "Dedushkas"
(grandfathers) where the Hebraiski Clabisheh or the Zsido
Temeto (Jewish cemetery in Russian and Hungarian, respectively)
is located. In most all cases, everyone knows the location of
the cemetery and, oftentimes, will gladly show us where it is,
either by accompanying us in the car or by walking to the
cemetery location with us---even if it is a long walk up into
the mountain. Most all villagers refuse payment for helping us
locate cemeteries. All in all, it was a very successful "Tour
de Carpat" this year.

In summary, this year I was able to travel to 327 villages and
towns and I photographed 30 cemeteries and all of the tombstones
therein, including finishing the photographing of the Uzhhorod
cemetery. The Uzhhorod cemetery is the largest in Sub-Carpathia
and I took over 13,400 images just of that cemetery. Images for
Tur'ya Pasika (Turjavagas) and Simer (Oszemere) were received
from the Lo Tishkach Foundation - European Jewish Cemeteries
Initiative. Also, I had to return to Pylypets' (Fulopfalva) to
take one photo of a stone that was inadvertently missed. Given
the condition of the secondary roads, this was an astounding
feat. So, after four years, I have been to 580 villages and
towns of Sub-Carpathia and I have photographed 211 cemeteries
---comprising over 200,000 images.

Due to the fact that there are more than one town with the
same name in Sub-Carpathia, one can become quickly confused
as to which place is which, so I have numbered them, 1, 2,
etc., and they are easily differentiated by their Hungarian
name and their Ukrainian raion (county). Tombstone images will
be available once the full cemetery set has been transcribed and
uploaded to the photo album of the respective KehilaLink web site.

The following places listed were visited in 2014 and they are
in alphabetical order by their Ukrainian name. Where one reads
a number, that indicates we found a cemetery there and the
number of images taken, but the number of images does not
equate to the number of tombstones. I have been taking multiple
photos of each tombstone and a few panorama photos of the

Where one reads "No cemetery," in most all cases, we learned
that people were buried in the next larger village or town with
a cemetery. Where one reads "Cemetery destroyed," we found the
site of the cemetery, but today there are no tombstones because
these cemeteries have been destroyed for residential,
commercial or agricultural use---often blamed on the Soviet
period. "Jurassic Park" means that the cemetery was extremely
overgrown and not accessible. Where one reads "SEE:" indicates
burials were in a different village or town.

Ukrainian (Hungarian) name - Sub-Carpathian raion - number of
images or comments.

Abranka (Abranka) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Andriivka (Andrashaza) - Uzhhorodskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Ardanovo (Ardanhaza) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Babychi (Babakut) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Badiv Pershyi (Badotanya) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Bakosh (Kisbakos) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Baranyntsi (Baranya) - Uzhhorodskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Barvinok (Borvinges) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Batar (Batar) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Batfa (Batfa) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Batrad' (Botragy) - Berehivskiy - Cemeteries destroyed

Behendetska Pastil (Alsopasztely) - Velykobereznianskyi -
Cemetery destroyed

Berehuyfalu (Beregujfalu) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Bereznyky (Bereznek) - Svaliavskyi - 3 images

Berezynka (Nyirhalom) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Bilasovytsia (Bagolyhaza) - Volovetskyi - Cemetery

Bilovartsi (Kiskirva) - Tiachivskyi - 91 images

Bilyn (Bilin) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Bobove (Bobove) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Bobovysche (Borhalom) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Boharevytsya (Falucska) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Boroniavo (Husztbaranya) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Borzhavs'ke (Nagycsongova) - Vynohradivskyi - No

Botfalva (Botfalva) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Breboya (Bertelek) - Rakhivskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Brestiv (Ormod) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Bron'ka (Szuhabaranka) - Irshavskyi - Cemetery

Bukove (Fakobukk) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Bukovynka (Beregbukkos) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Chabanivka (Bacsava/Bacovo) - Uzhhorodskyi - 184 images

Cheriivtsi (Cserhaz) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Chernyk (Csernik) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Cherven'ovo (Cserleno) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Chervone (Csarondahat) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Chikosh-Horonda (Csikosgorond) - Berehivskyi - No

Chopivka (Beregardo) - Berehivskyi - 45 images

Chuslets (Huszteepatak) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Danylivka (Danilovka) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Demechi (Dimicso) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Dil (Hegyfok) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Dilok 2 (Beregpapfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Dobrik (Dobrikdolo) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Dobryans'ke (Nyagova) - Tiachivskyi - 55 images

Domashyn (Domafalva) - Velykobereznianskyi - No

Domboky (Dombokpuszta) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Dovhe Pole (Unghosszumezo) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Dubrivka 1 (Cserhalom) - Irshavskyi - Cemetery

Dubrivka 2 (Ungtolgyes) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Dubrivka 3 (Dubrovka) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Duby (Dubi) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Dubyno (Dubina) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Dulovo (Dulfalva) - Tiachivskiy - 7 images

Dunkovytsya (Nyiresujfalu) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Dyula (Szollosgyula ) - Vynohradivskyi - 41 images

Fontynyasy (Fontenyasza) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Forholan' (Forgolany) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Fornosh (Fornos) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Haidosh (Nagygajdos) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Handerovytsya (Klastromfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No

Han'kovytsya (Kisanna) - Svaliavskyi - Cemetery

Hertsivtsi (Hegyret) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Heten (Hetyen) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Hetynya (Tiszaheteny) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Hlyboke (Melyut) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Hlybokyi Potik (Szorospatak) - Tiachivskyi - Cemetery

Hlynianyi (Hlinyani) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Hontsosh (Gancos) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Horb (Dombostelep) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Horbok (Kissarkad) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Horonda (Gorond) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Hrabovo (Szidorfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Hrushovo (Szentmihalykortvelyes) - Tiachivskyi - No

Hrybivtsi (Gombas) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Husnyi (Erdoludas) - Velykobereznianskyi - No cemetery

Hut (Gut) - Berehivskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Huta (Unghuta) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Il'kivtsi (Ilko) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Imstychovo (Misztice) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Irlyava (Ungsasfalva) - Uzhhorodskiy - 49 images

Ivanivtsi (Ivanyi) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Ivashkovytsya (Ivaskofalva) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Izky (Iszka) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Kaidanovo (Kajdano) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Kalliv (Kalovi) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kam'yanytsya (Okemence) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Kanora (Kanora) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Karpovtlash (Karpotlas) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kashtanovo (Somitanya) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Kelechyn (Kelecseny) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Khmeliv (Komlos) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Kholmovets' (Homlo) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Kicherely (Kicserela) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kinchesh (Kincsestanya) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Kinlod' (Kinlodj) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Kireshi (Korosos) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Klochky (Lakatosfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Klymovytsya (Kelemenfalva) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Knyahynya (Csillagfalva) - Velykobereznianskyi - No

Kobalevytsya (Galfalva) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Kobylets'ka Polyana (Gyertyanliget) - Rakhivskyi - 60

Kol'chyno (Kolcseny) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Komsomol's'k (Nemetmokra) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Konoplivtsi (Kendereske) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Kontsovo (Konchaza) - Uzhhorodskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Kopynivtsi (Nagymogyoros) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Koretnyne (Kereknye) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Korolevo (Kiralyhaza) - Vynohradivskyi - Cemetery

Kosiv Verkh (Koszover) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Kosteva Pastil' (Nagypasztely) - Velykobereznianskyi -
Cemetery destroyed

Kostryns'ka Roztoka (Also- es Felsoroztoka) -
Velykobereznianskyi - No cemetery

Kosyno (Kockaszallas) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Koszivszka Polyana (Kaszomezo) - Rakhivskyi - Cemetery

Kotel'nytsya 1 (Katlanfalu) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Krainia Martynka (Vegmartonka) - Irshavskyi - No

Krainykovo (Mihalka) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Krasna (Tarackraszna) - Tiachivskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Kruhlyi (Kortelep) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Kryte (Fedelesfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Kryva 2 (Tiszakirva) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kryvyi (Krivi) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kuchava (Nemetkucsova) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Kushtanovytsya (Kustanfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No

Kutlash (Kutlas) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Kvasy (Tiszaborkut) - Rakhivskyi - SEE: Trostenets

Latorka (Latorcafo) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Lavky (Loka) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Lazeschyna (Mezohat) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Letsovytsya (Kislecfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Likitsary (Kurucvar) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Liskovets' (Lengyelszallas) - Mizhhirskyi - No

Lokhovo (Beregszollos) - Mukachivskyi - Cemetery

Lokit' (Nagyabranka) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Lopukhiv (Brusztura) - Tiachivskiy - 129 images

Lopushanka (Lombos) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Lopushne (Leveles) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Lozansky (Czerjes) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Luhy (Laposmezo) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Lukova (Lukovo) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Lumshory (Ronafured) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Lypets'ka Polyana (Lipcsemezo) - Khustskyi - 101

Lypovets' 1 (Hars) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Lypovets' 2 (Harspatak) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Lysychovo (Rokamezo) - Irshavskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Maiurky (Majorka) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Makar'ovo (Makarja) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Mala Byihan' (Kisbegany) - Berehivskyi - Cemetery

Mala Martynka (Martonka) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Mala Uhol'ka (Kisugolyka) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Male Popovo (Papitanya) - Berehivskyi - 31 images

Mali Selmentsi (Kisszelmen) - Uzhhorodskyi - No

Malyi Rakovets' (Kisrako) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Malyy Bychkiv (Kisbocsko) - Rakhivskyi - 148 images

Medvezsij (Medvefalva) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Mereshor (Rokaret) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Midyanytsya (Medence) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Mod'orosh (Mogyoros) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Mokra (Mokra) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Monastyrets' (Monostor) - Khustskyi - 37 images

Mykulivtsi (Kismogyoros) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Myrcha (Mercse) - Velykobereznianskyi - No cemetery

Negrovets' (Felsokalocsa) - Mizhhirskyi - SEE: Siniver

Nevyts'ke (Nevicke) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Nizhniy Studenyy (Alsohidegpatak) - Mizhhirskyi -
SEE: Verkhniy Studenyy

Nove Klynove (Aklitanya) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Novobarovo (Ujbard) - Tiachivskyi - "Jurassic Park"
in 2014

Nyzhniy Bystryi (Alsobisztra) - Khustskyi - 27 images

Nyzhniy Dubovets' (Alsopatakvolgy) - Tiachivskyi - No

Nyzhniy Koropets (Alsokerepe) - Mukachivskyi - No

Nyzhnye Bolotne (Alsosarad) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Obava (Dunkofalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Oblaz (Fordulo) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Okli-Hed' (Aklihegy) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Okruhla (Kerekhegy) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Olen'ovo (Szarvaskut) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Onokivtsi (Felsodomonya) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Orikhovytsya (Rahonca) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Osava (Darazsvolgy) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Osiy (Szajkofalva) - Irshavskyi - 68 images

Ozhoverkh (Magasteto) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Palad'-Komarivtsi (Palagykomoro) - Uzhhorodskiy - 13

Pallo (Pallo) - Uzhhorodskyi - 5 - Cemetery destroyed

Pashkivtsi (Hidegret) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Pavshyno (Posahaza) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Peschera (Pescsera) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Petrivka (Szernyehat) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Petrushiv (Petruso) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Pidchumal' (Podcsumaly) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Pidhirne (Olahcsertesz) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Pidhorb (Hegyfark) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Pidpolozzya (Vezerszallas) - Volovetskyi - Cemetery

Pistryalovo (Pisztrahaza) - Mukachivskyi - Cemetery

Plaiuts (Plaju) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Plavia' (Zsilip) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Ploskanovytsya (Ploszkanfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No

Ploske (Dombostelek) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Ploskyi Potik (Pataktanya) - Svaliavskyi - No

Podishor (Podisor) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Podobovets' (Pado) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Polyana 1 (Gernyesmezo) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Polyana 2 (Polena) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Polyans'ka Huta (Mezohuta) - Perechynskyi - No

Posich (Posics) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Potik (Bukkosko) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Potochok (Kishpatak) - Khustskiy - No cemetery

Protyven' (Felszeg) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Pryhid' (Prihud) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Prytysyans'ke (Csonkas) - Vynohradivskyi - No

Pushkino (Puskino) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Pylypets' (Fulopfalva) - Mizhhirskyi - only 1 image needed

Rakosh (Rakos) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Rativtsi (Rat) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Rekity (Rekettye) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Rodnykivka (Beregforras) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Rodnykova Huta (Forrashuta) - Svaliavskyi - No

Romochevytsya (Romocsfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No

Rosishka (Raszocska) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Rososh 1 (Rosszos) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Rostov'yatytsya (Rosztovatovci) - Mukachivskyi - No

Rozivka (Ketergeny) - Uzhhorodskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Roztoky (Nyilas) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Roztots'ka Pastil' (Felsopasztely) -
Velykobereznianskyi - No cemetery

Runya (Runya) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Rus'ka Dolyna (Oroszvolgy) - Vynohradivskyi - No

Rus'ke Pole (Urmezo) - Tiachivskyi - 128 images

Rus'ki Heivtsi (Oroszgejo) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Rus'ki Mokra (Oroszmokra) - Tiachivskyi - 25 images

Rus'kyi Mochar (Oroszmocsar) - Velykobereznianskyi -
Cemetery destroyed

Sasivka (Szaszoka) - Svaliavskiy - No cemetery

Schlivitzi (Sislok) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Serednye Vodiane (Kozepapsa) - Rakhivskyi - 338 images

Shayan (Sajan) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Shchaslyve (Szerencsfalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Shcherbovets' (Beregsziklas) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Shenborn (Alsoschonborn) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Shkurativtsi (Bereghalmos) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Simer (Oszemere) - Perechynskiy - 16 images

Simerky (Ujszemere) - Perechynskyi - 1 image

Sitnyi (Szitni) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Skotars'ke (Kisszolyva) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Slopovyi (Szlopony) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Smolohovytsya (Kisabranka) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Sofiya (Zsofiafalva) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Solochyn (Kiralyfiszallas) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Solomonovo (Tiszasalamon) - Uzhhorodskyi - 8 images

Solone (Kiralyvolgy) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Solovka (Szaloka) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Soymy (Vizkoz) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Stanovets' (Sztanove) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Steblivka (Szaldobos) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Stebnyi (Dombhat) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Stroyne (Malmos) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Strychava (Eszterag) - Velykobereznianskyi - No

Stryhal'nya (Fenyvesvolgy) - Mizhhirskyi - Cemetery

Strymba (Almaspatak) - Rakhivskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Strypa (Sztrippa) - Uzhhorod misto - No cemetery

Sukha (Szuha) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Sukhyi 1 (Szarazpatak) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Sukhyi 2 (Szuhapatak) - Velykobereznianskyi - 21 images

Svaliavka (Szvalyavka) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Svoboda 1 (Nagybakos) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Svoboda 2 (Szvoboda) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Synevyrs'ka Polyana (Felsoszinever) - Mizhhirskyi - No

Syniak (Kekesfured) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Tarasivka (Tereselpatak) - Tiachivskiy - "Jurassic Park"
in 2014

Tarnivtsi (Ungtarno) - Uzhhorodskyi - Cemetery destroyed

Tereblya (Talaborfalu ) - Taichivskiy - 32 images

Tiachivka (Kistecso) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Titkivtsi (Titokvolgy) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Trostenets (Trosztyance) - Rakhivskyi - 53 images

Tur'ya Pasika (Turjavagas) - Perechynskiy - 1 image

Turychky (Kisturjaszog) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Tybava (Havasalja) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Tyihlash (Kisteglas) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Tysaahtelek (Tiszaagtelek) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Tysalovo (Tiszalo) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Tysauyfalu (Tiszaujfalu) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Tyshiv (Csendes) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Tysobyken' (Tiszabokeny) - Vynohradivskyi - Cemetery

Uhlya (Uglya) - Tiachivskiy - "Jurassic Park" in 2012,
2013 and 2014

Uklyn (Aklos) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Ust'-Chorna (Kiralymezo) - Tiachivskyi - 53 images

Uzhhorod (Ungvar) - Uzhhorodskiy - 13,440 images

Velyka Uhol'ka (Nagyugolyka) - Tiachivskyi - No

Verbove (Csonkas) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Verbovets' (Verbo) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Verb'yazh (Verebes) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Verkhni Vorota (Felsoverecke) - Volovetskyi - No

Verkhniy Koropets (Felsokerepe) - Mukachivskyi - No

Verkhniy Studenyy (Felsohidegpatak) - Mizhhirskyi - 336

Verkhnya Hrabivnytsya (Felsogereben) - Volovetskyi -
Cemetery destroyed

Verkhnye Solotvyno (Felsoszlatina) - Uzhhorodskyi - No

Vertep (Vertepa) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Vidrichka (Vidrastatak) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Vil'khivtsi-Lazy (Irhoc-Lazi) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Vil'khovatyi (Kiscserjes) - Rakhivskyi - No cemetery

Vil'khovytsya (Olhovica) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Vil'shany (Egermezo) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Vinkove (Vinko) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Vodytsya (Kisapsa) - Rakhivskyi - 68 images

Volovets' (Volo) - Volovetskiy - SEE: Huklyvyy

Volovytsya (Beregpalfalva) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Vorochovo (Kapuszog) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Vovchyi (Vocsitelep) - Svaliavskyi - No cemetery

Vovkove (Ungordas) - Uzhhorodskyi - No cemetery

Vuchkove (Vucskomezo) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Vyshka (Viharos) - Velykobereznianskyi - Cemetery

Vyshovatyi (Vosovati) - Tiachivskyi - No cemetery

Yulivtsi (Szolosgyula) - Vynohradivskyi - SEE: Dyula

Zabolotne (Sardik) - Irshavskyi - No cemetery

Zabrid' 1 (Gazlo) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Zabrid' 2 (Revhely) - Velykobereznianskyi - No cemetery

Zadil's'ke (Rekesz) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Zahorb 1 (Hatarhegy) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Zahorb 2 (Hatarhegy) - Velykobereznianskyi - No

Zalom (Szakadek) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Zaperedillia (Gombastelek) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Zarichne (Tulanagyagtelep) - Khustskyi - No cemetery

Zarichovo (Drugethaza) - Perechynskyi - 110 images

Zatyshne (Tasnad) - Berehivskyi - No cemetery

Zatysivka (Csomafalva) - Vynohradivskyi - No cemetery

Zavadka 1 (Rakociszallas) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Zavbuch (Kistar) - Perechynskyi - No cemetery

Zavosyna (Szenastelek) - Velykobereznianskyi - No

Zavyika (Hatarvolgy) - Mizhhirskyi - No cemetery

Zbyny (Izbonya) - Volovetskyi - No cemetery

Zhborivtsi (Ronafalu) - Mukachivskyi - No cemetery

Zolotar'ovo (Otvosfalva) - Khustskyi - Cemetery

---> The following places are on my tentative list to
visit in 2015, in alphabetical order by their Ukrainian

Ukrainian (Hungarian) name - Sub-Carpathian raion

Bobovo (Tiszabokeny) - Vynohradivskyi
Bukovets' 2 (Bukkospatak ) - Mizhhirskyi
Chorna Tysa (Feketetisza) - Rakhivskyi
Dibrivka (Dubrovka) - Irshavskyi
Dilok 1 (Blizsnigyilok) - Khustskyi
Drahynya (Drahinya) - Mukachivskyi
Hrunyky (Gruny) - Tiachivskyi
Kholmok (Homok) - Uzhhorodskyi
Khustets' (Husztecpatak) - Khustskyi
Khyzha (Kistarna) - Vynohradivskyi
Khudl'ovo (Horlyo) - Uzhhorodskyi
Khustets' (Husztecpatak) - Khustskyi
Kichernyi (Nagycserjes) - Volovetskyi
Kopashnevo - Gernyes - Khustskyi
Kostylivka (Barnabas) - Rakhivskyi
Kotel'nytsya 2 (Sebesfalva) - Mizhhirskyi
Krainye (Kallo) - Khustskyi
Kryva 1 (Nagykirva) - Tiachivskyi
Lazeschyna (Mezohat) - Rakhivskyi
Liuta (Havaskoz) - Velykobereznianskyi
Lunka (Lonka) - Khustskyi
Novobarovo (Ujbard) - Tiachivskyi
Novoselytsya 6 (Novoselice) - Khustskyi
Perekhresnyi (Perehaza) - Volovetskyi
Tarasivka (Tereselpatak) - Tiachivskyi
Torun' (Toronya) - Mizhhirskyi
Uhlya (Uglya) - Tiachivskiy
Verkhovyna-Bystra (Hatarszog) - Velykobereznianskyi
Vydrychka (Vidraspatak) - Rakhivskyi
Zaverkhnya Kychera (Nagycserjes) - Mizhhirskyi
Zhovtneve (Zsovtneve) - Khustskyi

- End -

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