Steve Morse site down #subcarpathia

Dick Plotz

Many of you may have noticed that Steve Morse's One-Step site is down.
Here is a statement >from Steve explaining the problem. I do not have
any further information, and this is not the start of a thread.
Responses will not be posted. Please be patient and wait for the
required period to pass. At that point we can expect the site to
resume operations.

Dick Plotz
Manager of Mailing Lists
JewishGen, Inc.

An individual has filed a false DMCA complaint to my hosting provider
claiming that she holds the copyright to a picture that appears on my
website. It turns out that anyone can make such a claim, and whether
it is true or not, the hosting provider must suspend the site for a
period of two weeks under DMCA rules while waiting for the complaining
party to provide proof.

My apologies to all of you for any inconvenience that the site closure
has caused you. I anticipate that the site should be back up by June
16 at the latest.

-- Steve Morse

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