Willy WARTELSKI in Danzig #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

Fred Zimmak <Fred.Zimmak@...>

Dear Genners,

I am looking for more information about Willy WARTELSKI born in Danzig 25
Mar 1908. Probably parents are Louis WARTELSKI and Margarete born
HIRSCHFELDT. It would be great to somehow confirm this by documents. I see
that there are Jewish records for those years filmed by the Mormons.

Willy WARTELSKI had a wife: Louise born BOCHARDT in Hamburg 23 April 1901.

Willy and Louise lived in Hamburg around 1936 to 1939. 1939 they moved back
to Danzig. They are said to have a child that survived war. But in the
Jewish tax cards for Hamburg there is no child mentioned. Maybe is the child
born later?

Willy and Louise are said to have died in Auschwitz. Another source says
that Willy died in Warsaw 25 October 1941 and Louise 30 September 1941 in

I would be grateful for any information about Willy WARTELSKY, his wife
Louise born BOCHARDT and their eventually child.

Best regards

Fred Zimmak / Stockholm, Sweden

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