Subcarpathian Records on JewishGen! #subcarpathia

Lara Diamond

Dear Friends,

As you know, the JewishGen Sub-Carpathian SIG
( was re-instituted this past summer.
We focused our initial efforts on indexing Jewish vital records from
more than 229 Civil Registration Books, and I am pleased to report
that the first batch of information, totaling 12,365 records >from 115
books (spanning the years 1895-1940) is now searchable on JewishGen
from both the Ukraine and Hungarian databases!
These records were written in Hungarian between 1895-1919, and then in
Slovak until 1939. After that point, they were written in Ruthenian
(written in the Cyrillic alphabet) for several months, before
switching back to Hungarian. In addition, some of the towns also had
random periods of Ruthenian-language entries during the Slovak era.

We are grateful to everyone who has participated thus far by
supporting the project financially, but there is much more work to be
done, and we need your help to continue.

Many people might not be aware of this, but there are nearly 3,000
record books in existence. Without JewishGen, the information
contained in these books will likely remain inaccessible for the
overwhelming majority of researchers. Our goal is to index these
available Civil Registration Books, and then to work on obtaining and
indexing census records.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a financial
contribution to the JewishGen Sub-Carpathian SIG today. As a special
incentive, those who contribute $180 or more will receive access to
information before it is made publically available on the JewishGen
databases. Tax deductible donations can be easily submitted via the
following methods:

- Our Secure Website:

- PayPal:

Please note that this project covers those parts of the former
Maramaros, Bereg, Ugocsa and Ung megyes that are currently in Ukraine.
At this point we have indexed books covering towns in each of the
former Maramaros, Bereg and Ugocsa megyes, with more coverage coming
of additional towns in those megyes as well as Ung as we get
additional books copied.

For a more detailed summary of what is now online, please click here:

Thank you to the many volunteer indexers and financial donors who have
made all of this possible.

Looking forward to continuing to work on behalf of Sub-Carpathian researchers -

Lara Diamond
JewishGen Subcarpathian SIG Leader

PS. Please forgive the antiquated look of the JewishGen Sub-Carpathian
SIG website. We are in the process of updating it.

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