Watermarks #austria-czech

Dubois family <family@...>

I would like to draw the attention of those members of this SIG, who live in
or near London, to the showing, on March 30, at the National Film Theatre,
of Watermarks, the film about the Jewish sports club Hakoah, Vienna, in the
1930s. After the film there will be a question and answer session with
Yaron Zilberman, the director of Watermarks, and with Ann-Marie Pisker, one
of the swimmers of Hakoah, who features in the film. This film is being
shown as part of the New Films >from Israel season.

Dominique Dubois
London, UK

POLLITZER, Frauenkirchen, Vienna
SINGER, Althart, Vienna
STEINER, Westerfeld, Krems, Vienna

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