Dvora Malka (Dori) Labin of the area of Munkacz and Lupeni, Romania #subcarpathia

Moishe Miller

Hello,=0A=0AI am searching for information on Dori, born around 1860, who I=
suspect=0Awas the daughter of a Seidenfeld, >from the area Munkacz (Mukache=
vo).=0A=0AI believe that Dori (Devora Malka), wife of Alexander Labin, may =
be the=0ADori Labin known to my family as a (half) sister to my g-gm, Tzire=
l=0ASchwimmer (born 1879 in Munkacz); Tzirel married Yitzchok Yurowitz.=0A=
=0AI found some detail on websites like MyHeritage and GENI trees and would=
=0Alike corraboration and sources. I found that this Dori may have been=0A=
the daughter of Toba-Etel (Toni) Salzberger (c1840 - 16 Jun 1886) from=0APa=
szika (Kishidveg), who in turn was the daughter of Joszef and=0AChaje-Szura=
, >from Toba Etel's first marriage. Toba-Etel was a widow and=0Aat age 32 ma=
rried a second time to 38-year old widower Iszrael=0ASchwimmer, as per her =
marriage record, on 12 Oct 1872 in Mukachevo (Toba=0AEtel & Israel were my =
g-g-gp's, the parents of Tzirel Yurowitz nee=0ASchwimmer).=0A=0AMy family h=
as a tradition that Toba-Etel was somehow a step or half or=0Awhole sister-=
in-law to Perel Basch, daughter of Ezra Basch (of Munkacz=0Aand Sapinta [Sp=
inka]). Perel herself was married two times, the 2nd time=0Aas wife #3 to t=
he "Imrei Yosef", the Spinka Rebbe (Rabbi Yosef Meir=0AWeiss). Her father, =
Ezra Yakov was supposedly also married more than=0Aonce.=0A=0ASo, with all =
these re-marriages, "step-sister-in-law" may cover half the=0Apopulation of=
the area! If anyone has feedback, suggestions or knowledge=0Aof any of the=
se families, please contact me.=0A=0AThanks,=0A-Moishe Miller=0ABrooklyn, N=

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