Schwimmer, Ringler, Forkas, Salzberger, Labin & Stern family in Munkacz (Mukachevo) #subcarpathia

Moishe Miller

Hello,=0A=0AGoing through various vital records >from Munkacz (Mukachevo), I=
find=0Athat my g-g-gf, Israel Schwimmer (1843 - 1912), was married 3 times=
.=0A=0A=0A#1=0AHis first wife was Scheindel Forkas, who passed away before =
1872, and=0Athey had these known children=0AIzsak Aron (1860)=0ASchoel (186=
4)=0ASzime Leie (1865)=0AMayer (1867)=0AMali (1871)=0A=0A=0A#2=0AScheindel =
passed away and he remarried in Munkacz to his second wife, a=0Awidow (my g=
-g-gm), named Toni (Taube Etel) Salzberger, on 12 Oct 1872.=0AHer children,=
together with Israel Schwimmer, were=0AFaiga Grosz (1873-1944)=0AJoseph (1=
875-1944)=0ALazar (1876-?)=0ACirel Yurowitz - my g-gm (1879-1933)=0ALiebe (=
1880-1881)=0A=0A=0AToni (Taube Etel) Salzberger's first husband (before her=
marriage to=0AIsrael Schwimmer), was to Mozes Aron Ringler, who passed awa=
y before=0A1872, and they had these children:=0ADebore Malke (Dori) Labin (=
1864)=0AChaim Hers (1866)=0AAvrohom Simcha ?=0A=0A=0A#3=0AIsrael Schwimmer'=
s third wife, as per his 1912 death record, was Rele=0AStern.=0A=0A=0ADoes =
anybody have ancestry, or know of family, for any of these lines?=0A=0AMois=
he Miller=0ABrooklyn,

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