Searching #subcarpathia

Stuart Kaufer

My paternal GM was Fannie LIEBOVITZ born in Kiralyhaza. She was
married four times:
1. ?Harry GOLDSTEIN with whom she had a daughter Lillian born in June 1904.
2. Her next husband was my paternal GF Edward KAUFER with whom they
had a son, my dad
Ernest. Lillian's last name was changed to KAUFER after their
marriage. They married in 1912 and divorced in 1921.
3. Next husband was last name STENGEL and they divorced.
4. Last husband was David MAIMON who pre-deceased Fannie.

Lillian died in 1966 and had no children. She also married a MAIMAN,
Benjamin >from Philadelphia.
Fannie died in 1971.
I have very few pictures or memorabilia of Fannie or Lillian. When my
GM died we did find some pictures but they had people cut out of them,
presumably people she didn't like or >from prior marriages?

The purpose of this email is twofold:
1. If anyone knows of pictures please adivse.
2. Trying to find parents of Fannie to see how far back can trace. I
know Fannie had siblings
Edward Levitt who married my paternal GF sister Sadie Kaufer. I am in
touch w Levitt cousins
Ettie Goldstein who had 2 daughters, one died young, the other Regina
raised her sister's dtr Joy.
I am not in touch w that cousin.
Esther Hershkovitz who had a daughter Beverly and a son who died at an
early age. I never met Beverly or her children.

My cousin David Lebovitz who was very active on this list had a whole
Leibovitz family tree which he gave me and I can no longer locate. He
died much too young.
If anyone can help, thanks.

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