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Welcome to the Ukraine SIG, and a special welcome to the members
of the Volhynia SIG and the Kiyev Area Research Group which have
been merged with this one.

We're very happy to have accomplished the organization of a Ukraine
SIG, and appreciate the interest many have already shown in our group.
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information about how to manage your subscription to this mailing
list. There is no secretarial staff at JewishGen to do this for
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Our prime objective in forming this Special Interest Group is
to facilitate access to records of the former Russian Empire
gubernias now in Ukraine; Podolia, Volhynia, Kiev, Poltava,
Chernigov, Kharkov, Kherson, Taurida and Ekaterinoslav. Through
group interaction and cooperation, we are organizing and assisting
in the formation of Regional Special Interest Groups, which can
then focus on their main area of research, and produce web pages
for each gubernia/region under the JewishGen ShtetLinks directory.
It is our plan to locate, access, and translate available data >from
Ukrainian archives, and LDS microfilm research documents (such as
Reviskaya lists, Tax lists, Business lists, Property lists,
historical material), as well as Yiskor books). The Ekaterinoslav
Research Group mailing list, formed quite some time before this
Special Interest Group, will continue as a mailing list but has
agreed to be part of the Ukraine SIG.

Translated databases >from the sources listed above will be uploaded
and made readily available to all through the JewishGen website. In
addition, by scanning in photographs submitted by our members, we
intend to create a pictorial webpage with images of our ancestors
and Jewish life in the Ukraine. Our mailing list is the conduit
through which our members can communicate about their research
problems, & offer solutions.

We are currently creating a geographical dictionary of the major
Jewish communities within the region of the former Russian Empire
gubernias, providing both the present names of shtetlach (townlets),
uyezds/gubernias (districts/provinces), and what they were called
under the Russian Empire.

We gratefully welcome any financial and/or volunteer support you
are able to provide in our attempts to purchase, translate, and
upload data for your research.

For questions concerning the mailing list:
Florence Elman <haflo@...>

For questions concerning image scans, transcriptions, and data entry:
Mel Fishman <fishmanm@...>

For questions concerning the Geographical Dictionary:
Jeff Knisbacher <jknisbac@...>

For questions concerning financial contributions:
Ada Glustein <adag@...>

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forum should be addressed to the Ukraine SIG's mail list at:


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We are happy to welcome you and look forward to your contributions of
ideas, time, and monetary assistance. We also wish to bring your
attention to the fact that we are hosted through the generosity of
JewishGen, Inc a 501 (c) (3) Texas corporation. Donations to
JewishGen are tax deductible for U.S. citizens and deeply appreciated
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We welcome the active participation of all who are receiving this
message. Your suggestions for research projects, your willingness
to take a leadership role is sought and always appreciated.

Florence Elman, Coordinator
Ukraine SIG

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