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Let me add my two cents as well. Have read the welcome mails >from viewers and
agree this is a neglected area. So far I have been working on my paternal
side which originates in Galicia and have had no luck with the shtetl of
Rusow(Rusov) not far >from Czernowitz. Now my maternal side came >from Kiev
Gubernia, the shtetl is Belaya-Yzerkov, about 70kms SW of Kiev. Their name
was Rosenkrantz, and the name does not appear too many times. My mgfather
took the whole family to the US in 1909, leaving >from Antwerp and came on the
ship Vaderland(Red Star LIne) ave not yet found the ships manifest fro this
date. My father came >from Rusow, on the same shi[p in 1910 and I have his
ships manifest. Just lucky.
Anyway, trying to find family of the Rosenkrantz tribe. The gfather was
Israel and his wife was Mechly(Mary). They had Chana, Chaya, Dovid, Yussel
and Yaacov. Any information out there would be greatly appreciated.
Wifes family came >from Krasne, Kamanetz-Podolsk. The name was Vinnitsky, but
changed to Weiner when they came here. Came in two shifts, two brothers and a
sister came prior to WWI, and the rest came in 1922 due to two brothers who
served in US Army during WWI. Father of all was Mordke and wife was Liouba.
They owned or managed a factory in Krasne. Again, any information would be

ELi C. Hecht

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