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I am looking for information about a family named Krasne that immigrated to
the Phila. area sometime in the 1890s. It is not my family, but that of my
grandfather's second wife, and I am not doing research on this family with
any intensity at all--mainly doing it for a (half)-cousin who is a direct
descendant of these Krasne's. (Pronounced Krasny, incidentally). I have
not come across any immigration information nor do I have any indication of
where they came from, or whether their name was really Krasne or something
longer. The original immigrant would have been Hyman Krasne. His wife was
Lena, although I do not know whether they were married before or after they
came here. They had 6 children...Isadore, Bertha, Harry, Sadie, Celia, and
Fanny, in approximately that order. (I know this much because I actually
knew all of them!) I believe all of their children were born here (certainly
Bertha was and she was definitely the second oldest.) Other info: they left
this area and went to Calif. early in the 1920s, and one of their children
(Celia) was deaf >from birth--whether genetic or due to a problem during
pregnancy I cannot say.

Do you by any chance know anything about a Hyman Krasne? (No, I have not
entered this name in JGFF because I am really not actively researching

Joan Rosen
Elkins Park, Pa (outside Philadelphia)

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JoAnne Vanett
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HOSSMAN, GOMBERG, KRASNEY.....all in the Kiev-Podolia area

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