Mogilev Podolskiy #ukraine


My maternal ancestors are >from the shtetl of Mogilev Podolskiy, which is near
Kamenets Podolskiy. The family names >from here are TEPLITSKY/TOPLITSKY: My
great grandfather had about 12 children that we know of, 10 came to the
United States in the early 1900s & 2 sons named David & Oshea stayed behind.
We heard that some survived the war & would like to know what happened to
them. MELLOMENT/MALLAMANT also had 3 siblings come here my grandfather Meyer
Jacob & Philip (Pinkus) & Rose & 1 brother Aaron Lev MALLAMANT a gunsmith
stayed behind with his children. My great grandmothers family were BERG/BARG
from Kamenets Podolskiy & before that Berdichev. Please write me directly if
any of these names sound at all familiar, the spellings could be different.
Howard Sedlitz, New York

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