I am named after my Ggf,Avraham Tzvi NUTKIS who probably died in ULANIV at the turn
of the 20th century.One of his 3 sons,Yisroel,born 1870 was my Zeida and his eldest son,Dov Ber (1892-1982) was my dad.
Are there any traces of a Kehila,or cemetery,or even records in that
area.That shtetl is shown NW of Vinnicja,slightly west of Kalinivka.
I never found any reference to the fate of these Jews during the Nazi pogrom of 1941.
Another family branch,ROITMAN,lived in nearby Litin,which was anihilated that year.

It may be unreasonable to hope for a miracle,but I do want to know if there
is any sign that this old homestead and our family ever existed there ?

Shanah Tovah Abe Nutkis

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