chudnov, atownlet beetween berdichev and Zhitomer #ukraine


I hope I am sending this to the right spot. I am a brand new sig member
a special interest in Chudnov which is a smal townlet between Zhitomer
Berdichev.I am tracking my family that came >from Chudnov ukraine in 1906 to
Philadelphia. I understand that there was a group of people who went to
Chudnov >from USA not long ago. I would very much appreciate it if you could
put me in touch with the group.A cousin will be in Chudnov on Novemeber17 and
18 and it would be a big help to have some previous knowledge. Thank you
very much for all of the work that you have put into this project.

My grandparents, of blessed memory ,were born there around
His name was Pinney Braverman and my grandmother was Shifra Weinstein
braverman. Her mother's maiden name was Turnoff and cousins in the town
the family name of Pivivov. My grandfather's father owned a brewery and
grandmother's family sold crockery.

Marilyn Steiner

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